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Representation in Gaming

  Hello everyone! So about a week ago, I showed our company's mission statement, and I thought maybe I should help give you an idea of what we're talking about when it comes to representation. It's the difference between tokenism and actual representation .  There are many companies that practice tokenism (not naming names).  They hire one or two people who fit into neat little boxes and go 'See how we're all inclusive here' and then more or less shut up about it.  Or they'll go 'hey, we're going to make one minor person in this game different, that counts, right?' Of course it doesn't count.  What are you giving to the community?  What are you letting them give to the community?  And this is what we mean when we're talking about wanting representation.  It's a lot more than saying 'hey, we hired this black guy or this woman or this non-binary person'.  It's a lot more than saying 'by the way, we dropped an NPC into a

Things to Come

  Welcome! Voodoo Dolly here (that's me there on the left) with more news about the company and what they're up to.  Yesterday was a big meeting, while we all run and around and figure out who's doing what.  That's expected for a young company (or a company rising from slumber!) but it looks like an awesome team has been put together!  Expect to hear more about that in the future! But you're all probably wondering what I'm going to talk about now, and that's about some of the projects in the work now, and some that may be coming down the pipe later.  So let's get on with it, shall we? The Advanced Story Point System (ASPS) This is our pride and joy.  It can be best described as a game engine which will allow you to quickly craft shells that are tailored to the game you want to run.  The premise is that the engine itself doesn't change, it remains constant, but the pieces that you choose to connect to the engine are unique to the kind of game you want

The Mission Statement

  Voodoo Dolly, reporting for duty! And wow, have we been busy this last week!  We have writers and artists coming in, we've had meetings, and while we don't have everything nailed down yet, we have a destination ahead of us and we're starting to see the path towards that destination. But it's all about the journey, you know?  And our founder has laid out the goal for us. "We want to produce games.  We want to show the world the ideas that are in our heads, and to be true to our visions, rather than to the demands and expectations of others. But more importantly, we want to give a voice to other people - to those who are traditionally unheard within the roleplaying community.  We want to allow minorities to see their visions put out there for other people to see, to have their voices raised.  Writers, game designers, artists, and more.  We want to support the black community, people of colour, the LGBTQA+ community, women, and more, so that their dreams can be made

Welcome, Visitors!

  Hello!  I'm Voodoo Dolly, the mascot for Fool's Moon Entertainment Inc !  I'll be reporting on anything new coming from the company, and give you exclusive, behind the scenes looks at everything we're working on. So, a little bit about me before we start.  I was initially a character designed by ShifterCat , one of our editors, for a high school art project.  The VP of the company was smitten, and when it became time to do a company logo, I was his first choice.  The amazing Malcolm Earle  drew up the design you can see on the right, and we've never looked back since. Now, on with the show. FMEI  is over a decade old, and was launched to release the initial roleplaying game Fool's Moon .  We've come quite a long way since that mammoth project, and while it isn't completed, the world that was made is quite alive and kicking.  A number of our future projects will use the core setting from that concept -- the fictional city of Trois Portes  - the City of